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Ene 23 2019

USA tells Canada to prepare for extradition of Huawei CFO

On Tuesday, Canada's Globe and Mail reported that Washington had informed Ottawa of its intention to proceed with a formal extradition request, which it has to file...

Ene 23 2019

Why Anne Hathaway Has Sworn Off Alcohol for the Next 18 Years

The worst part? She had to go to an important business meeting the next morning. "I was hungover the entire time.' And he just goes, 'Oh really, I couldn't tell.' And the...

Ene 22 2019

Blood Moon explained in 20 seconds

Stargazers across California watched the full moon slip into the Earth's shadow during an eclipse on Sunday night. If you saw the super blood wolf moon and are no...

Ene 23 2019

Fútbol Cristiano Ronaldo fue condenado por fraude fiscal

Por tanto, prueba de ello es la diferencia del delito fiscal de Ronaldo , que es mucho más grave que la de Messi porque la cantidad defraudada se triplica, por tanto...

Ene 23 2019

Embajadores de UE llaman a celebrar nuevas elecciones "libres" en Venezuela

Isabel Brilhante , la embajadora de la UE en Caracas también participó en el encuentro. La alta representante de la Unión Europea (UE ) para la Política Exterior, ...

Ene 14 2019

CDC: Millions already sickened with flu this season

As with the rest of the province, this year's flu virus hit young people 15 and under harder, but the season seems to have peaked, though activity remains high. A total o...