Bethesda officially announces Fallout 76 game

Bethesda officially announces Fallout 76 game

Bethesda officially announces Fallout 76 game

Further announcements about Fallout 76 will be made at this year's E3 conference on June 10th, 6:30PM PST in Los Angeles, California.

Following a surprise tease yesterday that the internet should "stay tuned" for something special, Bethesda has released a short trailer for what looks to be a whole new Fallout game: Fallout 76. Namely the date of October 27, 2102, we see an earlier model of Pip-Boy and that the inhabitants of Vault 76 have apparently just left to reclaim the world above, but let's get to all that in a moment. This would mark Fallout 76 as a prequel to even the first game which was set in the year 2161.

Now there are no major details shared about the game aside from the teaser trailer which you can see below. And something in the teaser referred to as Reclamation Day. However, the vault is completely empty besides showing one character, a single vault dweller, donning a blue Vault 76 suit. While all Vaults functioned as advertised for all its inhabitants, the control vaults were created to open its doors for the goal of repopulation after a set period of time.

Here at Game Revolution it's been non-stop talking about Fallout, which fits pretty well because it seems as if all of the world has caught the same bug too.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier has said it may be "an online game of sorts" and that those hoping for a massive solo experience will be disappointed.

The Fallout Wiki has this to say about Vault 76.

As juicy as the reveal trailer is, it doesn't give us a Fallout 76 release date.

That sounds like it could be an equivalent to MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, but we'll have to wait till E3 next month to know for sure. So soon after Fallout 4?

Rumors about Fallout 76 essentially being Fallout Online began making the rounds several days ago, and went into overdrive following this morning's trailer reveal. The Autin team is formerly Battlecry Studios. In Fallout, vaults are subterranean shelters-slash-nefarious social experiments created by the fictional company Vault-Tec.

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