2.3 million workers to get pay rise

2.3 million workers to get pay rise

2.3 million workers to get pay rise

By June 2021, B.C.'s minimum wage will rise to at least $15.20 per hour, and the separate lower liquor server wage will be eliminated.

But the Fair Work Commission's 3.5 per cent rise from July 1 means the General Retail Industry Award will increase to $789.90 a week, or $20.79 an hour, for full-time and part-time employees and $25.98 an hour for casuals.

Fair Work Commission: The increase we've decided on won't lead to inflationary pressure. In its annual decision handed down in Melbourne, the commission ruled such an increase would boost living standards for Australia's lowest paid workers, while having a low risk of adverse effects on employment or the wider economy. Employer and business groups had opposed the plan, lobbying for the rise to be limited to around $12.50 per week.

"If minimum wage growth continues to be out of step with the economic conditions that small businesses have to face, the forecasted 84,100 new jobs across the café and restaurant sector over the next five years may fail to materialise".

ACTU secretary Sally McManus welcomed the decision, saying it was the biggest percentage increase the commission has awarded.

"After the increases that were announced, the BC chamber, as well as the Vernon chamber, were in support of minimum wage increases going forward being tied to the cost of CPI [consumer price index]", said Chambers.

The general minimum wage will be rising from $11.35/hour to $12.65/hour, while liquor servers will see their minimum wage rise to $11.40 per hour.

"The recent data has shown strong growth in full-time employment together with a high participation rate", he said.

The FWC said previous minimum wage increases had failed to help families surviving on the payment.

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