Durant's Huge Night Pushes Cavs to the Brink

Durant's Huge Night Pushes Cavs to the Brink

Durant's Huge Night Pushes Cavs to the Brink

At plus-2.1 points, they have the second-widest scoring margin in those situations. The Raptors have made four trips to the south shore of Lake Erie in the past three years, and they are a smooth 0-7 over that time.

"I just tried to stay in the zone", Durant said. I was in a daze.

It was a friendly, yet appropriate gesture between former teammates and good friends off the court after Durant's memorable performance took down Perkins' Cavs and all but eliminated them from the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year.

All of these events were downright ideal for the Cleveland Cavaliers: Stephen Curry's shooting game was bad for most of the night, Klay Thompson's wasn't much better, the Cavs led by as many as 13 in the first half and some non-producers from the first two games of these NBA Finals were starting to finally give LeBron James the contributions he's craved.

Clutch play: One reason the Cavs are still standing at this point in the season is that they have been excellent in crunch time, winning seven of 10 playoff games that the National Basketball Association deems as clutch (within five points with five minutes to go).

The Cavs kept the game close through most of the fourth quarter. Cleveland is expected to put Rodney Hood back into the rotation despite his postseason 15 percent shooting from downtown. Durant said on the record that there is a 100% chance he will return to Golden State.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert tweeted an image of the half-time box score noting the fact the Cavs didn't attempt a free throw in the first half, deleting it shortly after. They had 30 rebounds through three quarters. "I don't want to downplay anything, but I don't want to act like this is the end of the road". Durant described Irving as a "certified killer" offensively.

"We have to be locked in", Green said. "If we win tonight, then we knot it up at 2-2".

LeBron was brilliant early in the game, being aggressive and attacking downhill, getting into the lane and not settling for threes.

Iguodala sustained the bone bruise after bumping knees with James Harden in Game 3 of the Conference Finals. The Lakers feel like they are a year away; LeBron plus Paul George would not be enough to propel them past the Warriors. I got us winning the series, that's my prediction... On the defensive side, we've got to get into the ball, talk and rebound. You know, so when you're able to either force a miscue on them, you have to be able to capitalize and you have to be so in tuned and razor sharp and focused every single possession.

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