Vans Joins Forces With Marvel For Extensive Collaboration

Vans Joins Forces With Marvel For Extensive Collaboration

Vans Joins Forces With Marvel For Extensive Collaboration

However, this most recent leak might actually not be as real as we may hope. The first film kept the title Infinity War, while the second - aka Avengers 4 - is now untitled.

A user on Twitter has leaked concept art from the untitled Avengers 4 film.

If it's official (and there's no guarantee that it is, but this appears to be the source), the makeup of the Avengers team is about what we'd expect after the dust settled at the end of Infinity War. Also, Captain Marvel is an obvious addition we didn't see in the last film but the inclusion of Ant-Man and Hawkeye have us very intrigued, if only for the simple question of "What role will they possibly play?" But that's not all that's notable about this image. The Infinity War after credits scene shows Nick Fury sending a distress signal to the missing hero just before he turns to ash, indicating that the new character will be included in the 2019 film.

If you recall, just as Thanos gained the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet, he was viciously attacked by Thor who threw his newly forged Stormbringer axe right into Thanos' chest.

Originally, Infinity War was set to be released in two parts - Part 1 and Part 2 - but on May 4, 2016 the Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that this was no longer the case.

How much money do you think Avengers: Infinity War will finish its theatrical run with? Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.

We're pretty used to seeing leaked information when it comes to the MCU.

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