Florida authorities find remains of woman killed by alligator

Florida authorities find remains of woman killed by alligator

Florida authorities find remains of woman killed by alligator

WSVN reported that police in Davie, Fla. are trying to find a woman who was said to have been grabbed by the gator while she was walking her dog.

One of the dogs was found with a fresh wound, but Matsuki was missing.

DAVIE, FL (RNN) - Police are searching for a woman after an alligator reportedly dragged her into a pond on Friday morning.

A body part belonging to the Florida woman who was attacked by an alligator on June 8 has been found. Get the details here! The FWC says it will be conducting a thorough investigation into the incident and extends heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Matsuki.

Police fear it was a huge alligator that dragged a woman into a lake.

"There is plenty of gators in this lake". A passer-by saw her with the dogs initially but a short while later only saw the dogs barking at the water's edge and called police. They think a gator took her under the woman when she was walking her dogs. I'm out here all the time with my kids, my husband.

There has not been a significant trend in alligator attacks in the past decade, the FWC reports. Neighbors say they often see people walking their dogs around the lakes and have even seen kids go swimming in them. Her son threw bread into the water for the fish, and the alligator got the bread. "They're at least [8-foot], 9-foot alligators".

The larger reptile was believed to have been responsible for the attack, according to the FWC.

According to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida has averaged six unprovoked alligator bites per year over the last 10 years.

From 1948 to 2017, the commission has documented 401 people bitten by alligators, including 24 deaths.

The dogs have been turned over to animal control.

A 2-year-old boy was killed by an alligator at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in 2016.

Officials said an airboat was deployed in the lake throughout the night, and the search continued at sunrise.

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