Amid Manafort Prosecution, Giuliani Says Trump ‘Retains His Pardon Power’

Amid Manafort Prosecution, Giuliani Says Trump ‘Retains His Pardon Power’

Amid Manafort Prosecution, Giuliani Says Trump ‘Retains His Pardon Power’

President Donald Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said today that he wants a thorough investigation into the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe, The Hill reports.

And it's not just Manafort and Flynn who could be up for potential pardons - Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen chose to separate from his attorney on Wednesday, and some reports suggest that he is considering cooperating with federal investigators in NY.

The Russia probe, Guiliani says, is illegal because of its genesis, and not because of Special Counsel Robert Mueller who, Trump's lawyer claims, should not be investigated.

The prospect of presidential pardons has been heavily discussed in the two days since former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sent to jail for allegedly tampering with witnesses in the case against him. "I couldn't and I don't want to take any prerogatives away from him".

Giuliani's comments were the latest in a barrage of attacks on the probe by the president and his lawyers as Mueller appears to be nearing a conclusion to his investigation into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Moscow.

"Strzok should be in jail by the end of next week", Mr. Giuliani said.

And when asked about the changing story on the Trump Tower meeting that Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the campaign had with a Russian lawyer in June 2016, Giuliani said differing recollections of events were why testimony under oath needed to be treated carefully.

The Justice Department has asked its internal watchdog to review whether there was any politically motivated surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Trump campaign.

"Of course it's wrong to lie, it breaks one of the commandments, I think", Giuliani replied before arguing Trump's "distinction is a correct one".

"Ahhhhh we want Hillary!" With the exposure of all this, as we go into it, we're going to get into the substrate and the foundation of the entire Mueller investigation'.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME said on CBS' "Face the Nation" that she thought it was helpful Giuliani has recommended against pardons.

Signaling some openness to a Trump interview with Mueller's team, Giuliani outlined the possibility under narrow conditions and said he expected Trump to make a decision by July 4. And it can be under oath'. It was an apparent shift from his comments just hours earlier, in which he said things "might get cleaned up" in the Russian Federation probe "with some presidential pardons".

The statement raised more questions about whether he will consent to an interview as part of the investigation.

Giuliani spoke on CNN's "State of the Union" and CBS" "Face the Nation, ' and Bannon appeared on ABC's 'This Week.' Collins was on CBS.

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