Joe Jackson dead at 89

Joe Jackson dead at 89

Joe Jackson dead at 89

After being hospitalized earlier this month for terminal pancreatic cancer, the Jackson family patriarch died Wednesday morning, TMZ reported.

Over the following decades, millions would listen to both group and solo recordings by the Jackson 5 (who later became known as The Jacksons) and Michael would become one of the most popular entertainers in history.

"Joseph's role as manager dwindled however as Motown CEO Berry Gordy began to take more charge on his act, a role that reverted back to Joseph when he began managing the entire family for performances in Las Vegas", according to Jackson's official site.

Grandson Randy Jackson Jr. tweeted, "RIP to the king that made everything possible!"

Similarly, Prince Jackson (son of Michael) posted a photo to his Instagram account in memorium of his late grandfather.

He was 89 years old.

He and Katherine had 10 children; nine survived to have recording careers starting with the Jackson 5, who became instant worldwide pop sensations when they burst on the scene.

The elder Jackson managed daughters Rebbie, La Toya and Janet in the early 1980s until they, like their brothers before, struck out on their own. His children told stories about their father being hard on them growing up. He became a controversial figure when Michael Jackson accused his father of physical and emotional abuse in 1993.

"Michael was the type of kid, you know, he was a good kid. and by him being that way, he was able to be Michael Jackson", he also recalled.

"If you messed up, you got hit, sometimes with a switch, sometimes with a belt", Michael Jackson famously wrote in his autobiography. "The world (doesn't) know anything too much about Michael as far as how he was brought up", he said.

But Joe Jackson also drew scrutiny when his children, including La Toya and Michael, described him as physically and emotionally abusive.

"I'm glad I was tough because look at what I came out with, I came out with kids that people loved all over the world", he said. "I came out with some kids that everybody loved all over the world. It kept them out of jail and kept them right".

In 2008 interviews to promote a new album, Janet Jackson, now 52, criticized her father's infidelities and the fact that he had a daughter (Joh'Vonnie Jackson) out of wedlock with a woman, Cheryl Terrell, with whom her father had a long affair.

The couple split a few times and lived apart for decades, but they reportedly never divorced.

27, 2009, at the Palms in Las Vegas following the presentation of "Michael Jackson's This Is It" film screening. "The family needs to be by his bedside-that's our only intention in his final days", his son, Jermaine, told the Daily Mail.

"He says, 'Call my father.' This was before he passed". It's because I find the thing that I never had through them.

The children all eventually severed their management ties with their father but Janet paid tribute at the Radio Disney Music Awards last week, saying her "incredible father" had driven her "to be the best I can".

"My mother nourished me with the most extravagant love imaginable". "My siblings set an incredibly high standard for artistic excellence..."

"We just let our troubles die out", Jackson said in 1988, following a reconciliation.

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