Heatwave expected this weekend in WNY

Heatwave expected this weekend in WNY

Heatwave expected this weekend in WNY

During the evening, as the sun lowers, temperatures should trail back from the 90s into the 80s.

Salvation Army centersLocations in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Maplewood are open to the public from 9 a.m.to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

In Kansas City, the weather service tweeted to 'Limit time outdoors, wear light colored and light weight clothing, take frequent breaks preferably in the shade, and drink plenty of water'.

The city could come close to breaking the high temperature records for Friday and Saturday. Danni Kruger took her workout outdoors and says she likes basking in the heat. Heat exhaustion is when someone might feel faint, have excessive sweating, be cool and pale with clammy skin, feel nauseous, have a rapid or weak pulse and have muscle cramps. "The high temperature on Tuesday is in the low 90s".

This will really pump in the heat and humidity with afternoon highs expected to be in the mid to upper 90s Saturday and near 100 degrees Sunday. They will all be retested on Friday and results will be available Saturday.

"The heat index is going to be very high and the wind isn't going to be much of a factor so it's not going to cool too much".

The hot and humid weather is bad news for people with respiratory issues, Castro said, as it's conducive to high particular matter "that can be hazardous".

Skies are expected to be mostly sunny throughout the day on Friday. "Try to limit time outside during the afternoon hours when the sun is at its highest angle", he said.

Montrealers are looking forward to the Canada Day long weekend, but the holiday also extends to certain services in the area. Any slow-moving thunderstorms could bring flash flooding in this region.

But with the heat coming on, gardeners should keep an eye on anything freshly planted and make sure new additions are well-watered.

Ramsey County has done the same. 5% Chance Spot Storm.

Meanwhile, Environment Canada has issued special weather statements for much of the Maritimes, including Halifax, Saint John and Moncton. It is very typical to see highs jump to around 90 for this part of June and July. The heat and high humidity will create uncomfortable weather conditions through the weekend.

Although Chicagoans may not be fans of the stifling humidity, the recent rainfall may help gardens grow.

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