Kawhi Leonard Reached Out To LeBron James To Play Together

Kawhi Leonard Reached Out To LeBron James To Play Together

Kawhi Leonard Reached Out To LeBron James To Play Together

The Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers have also made offers for Leonard, but they are able to low ball San Antonio because trading for him would have the chance of being a one-year rental.

Now Leonard is understood to have told the Spurs he wants a trade with Los Angeles his preferred destination and the Lakers have held talks about the move. What if the Lakers then can't get any free agents next summer?

After LeBron James reportedly reached out to Kevin Durant about the prospect of playing together, James had another National Basketball Association star contact him about teaming up: Kawhi Leonard. But the only problem is, the Spurs know that too, which could make a deal hard. That said, Wojnarowski notes that the Celtics are "extremely cautious" due to the uncertainty with Leonard's health and his strong desire to play for the Lakers.

The Lakers are motivated to make a deal for Leonard on several fronts, including the potential boost it would give them in luring James to Los Angeles.

Adding more money to the books would make signing LeBron James and Paul George exceedingly hard, if not downright impossible, for the Purple and Gold. ESPN reports that San Antonio is "most intrigued" with Boston's assets. However, to make their plan come to fruition they will probably have to lure another big name to go along with him. ESPN reported on Thursday that he texted Kevin Durant, but Durant is expected to remain with Golden State.

Later Wednesday, ESPN reported that the Lakers had reached out again to pursue Leonard for the first time since their initial inquiry, reinforcing the reported urgency.

At this point, given the likelihood that the San Antonio Spurs move Kawhi Leonard, one would think the relationship between the two sides is beyond fix.

Although the thought of DeMarcus Cousins joining the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent sounds exciting, ClutchPoints stressed that Griffin's statements should be taken with a grain of salt, as there hasn't been much talk of Cousins joining the Lakers.

There have been reports that James has been calling other free agents trying to form another super team.

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