'Psychic' octopus that predicted Japan's World Cup results killed

'Psychic' octopus that predicted Japan's World Cup results killed

'Psychic' octopus that predicted Japan's World Cup results killed

Meanwhile, the octopus credited with predicting the outcome of Japan's previous three matches had already met its demise ― sold as seafood, outlets reported.

Rabiot was caught in the coastal town of Obira, north-west of Hokkaido, on the day of Japan's opening World Cup match against Colombia in Russian Federation on June 19.

Before Japan's first group stage match the "psychic" octopus was placed into a tub with three baskets, each containing food, representing a win, draw or loss.

Rabio, a giant Pacific octopus, went on to rack up a flawless record by also predicting Japan's draw with Senegal and their defeat to Poland as they narrowly qualified as runners-up in their group. Whichever it swam toward first became its prediction.

The national team squandered a 2-0 lead in a 3-2 loss to Belgium on Monday, eliminating the Japanese. He also said he would be using a new octopus, Rabio Jr, to predict Japan's results for the rest of the World Cup.

Few would have predicted Japan's journey to the 2018 Russia World Cup round of 16 but it appears they have their own psychic animal to thank.

Unfortunately, as the Samurai Blue undergo final preparations ahead of their historic game on Tuesday, fans will be devastated to learn that Rabiot was gutted, cleaned and sent off to the market only days after Japan's qualification.

The English-born mollusc called the right outcome of eight matches during the competition from his tank at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium in Germany.

The feline garnered a reputation as a fortune-teller during last year's Confederations Cup for predicting the results of matches by choosing one of two plates of food marked with a flag.

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