Sacha Baron Cohen Video Teases Trump-Centric Project

Sacha Baron Cohen Video Teases Trump-Centric Project

Sacha Baron Cohen Video Teases Trump-Centric Project

It was disgraceful. He ought to be fired immediately.

In February, the prankster enraged fans when a report claimed he paid O.J. Simpson more than $20,000 for an appearance in his upcoming movie.

That aside, Baron Cohen has had some previous run-ins with Trump.

"As an attorney, I have talked to Michael many times in the last two weeks". That is likely a reaction from a pre-POTUS Trump to his long-standing beef with Baron Cohen who interviewed the then-real estate mogul/reality star years ago for Da Ali G Show, trying to get him to invest in "an ice cream glove". "Learn about being amusing", Trump continues. You don't know shit.

As Trump speaks in the clip posted by the actor, a number of messages appear on the screen including, "He's back as you've never seen him before".

A majority of Cohen's movies take some political stance on current events in comedic ways.

No other details have been released, so it's not yet known if Baron Cohen has something in the works or if he's just trolling the president.

An archive video of Trump attacking Cohen then plays, with the president branding the Englishman a "third-rate character".

Cohen tweeted the video for the Fourth of July and led many to believe that he might well be planning a movie about Trump University.

He asked Trump if he would be interested in investing in a business idea - gloves created to catch dripping ice cream.

Baron Cohen has long drawn the ire of Trump.

The president also featured in Baron Cohen's 2016 comedy "Grimsby" in which he became infected with HIV after Daniel Radcliffe's blood is sprayed into his mouth due to a gunshot.

But Baron Cohen countered: "Actually he was there for about seven minutes" and added: 'I was the first person to realise he was a dick'.

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