Who Is Andrew Wheeler, Trump's New EPA Chief?

Who Is Andrew Wheeler, Trump's New EPA Chief?

Who Is Andrew Wheeler, Trump's New EPA Chief?

Many speak highly of Wheeler and his distinct qualifications for the job, but the media is already attacking him in much the same relentless fashion it did Pruitt, who spoke of it in his resignation letter. "I look forward to working with our next EPA Administrator to protect the environmental interests of our district, which is the proud home of the Adirondacks". That includes a decision to install a $43,000 private phone booth in his office as well as revelations that he asked aides to help his wife find a job with a six-figure salary.

Pruitt was also among the Trump Cabinet officials who reportedly took charter flights and booked first-class tickets on the taxpayer dime. Pruitt and his activities have been the subject of numerous investigations by the EPA's inspector general, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the Government Accountability Office, the White House Office of Management and Budget, and the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. Pruitt has been the subject of continued ethics scandals over a number of months but the president had previously stood by a man who had overseen his administration's rolling back of Obama-era environmental regulations.

The EPA chief faced further criticism this week after CNN reported that he and his aides kept "secret" calendars to prevent controversial meetings and communications from becoming public.

And Democrats have already criticized Wheeler in his role as deputy to Pruitt.

Ding dong, Scott Pruitt has resigned. Others have called for him to be fired in recent months and even some Republicans have said that the scandals are too big a distraction for the president.

Trump offered nothing for praise for the latest official to leave his administration. One story accused him of renting a Washington, DC townhouse for $50 a night from an energy industry lobbyist. Republicans from Iowa, Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley, have also spoken harshly against Pruitt's for a proposal to change rules regarding ethanol and renewable fuels.

Mr Pruitt had become a constant source of embarrassment to a president who had entered Washington promising to "drain the swamp". President Trump tweeted the announcement, saying the agency's deputy administrator will assume the position until the President nominates a new Secretary.

But as summer unfolded, the amount of pressure on Pruitt began to near its breaking point as former staffers came forward to air their concerns and accusations about the EPA chief. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington-no fan of Pruitt-offered a one-word statement: "Good". But Wheeler told The Hill newspaper this week that he's not interested in the top EPA job.

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