Netflix To Shake Up "Premium" Plan With Pricey "Ultra"

Netflix To Shake Up

Netflix To Shake Up "Premium" Plan With Pricey "Ultra"

It is a leap forward from the Premium plan which was the most advanced to date.

With Netflix Premium now costing US$16.99 (or A$17.99) per month, the new "Ultra" tier is tipped to charge around US$16.99.

The streaming TV company, which has more than 125 million subscribers worldwide, is testing a higher-priced premium "Ultra" subscription in Europe offering 4K Ultra HD video with High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality and the ability to watch on four screens at the same time for 17 euros (€16.99, or about $20).

The only current difference between Premium and Ultra is that the latter includes HDR content.

The "Ultra" plan was first reported by Italian blog this week, but found the plan being tested in other European countries like Germany at different price points.

That's three euros higher than the highest-price plan now offered.

Options reportedly include adding HDR to "Ultra" and removing it from "Premium", or potentially dropping "Premium" to two simultaneous 4K streams whilst bumping "Ultra" to four. Two years ago, Netflix saw a growth slowdown when it raised the Standard plan price by $2 for new members, while current subscribers got the increase over several months in 2016. The company is speculated to be mulling a new plan known as Ultra.

The tests were confirmed by a spokesperson from Netflix to CNET and said that in this present case, they are testing little different price points along with the features to have a better understanding about how customers are valuing Netflix. With higher resolution content, the Ultra plan is likely to reduce the benefits of Premium plan users by slashing their number of supported devices.

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