Trump will meet one-on-one with Putin, ambassador confirms

Trump will meet one-on-one with Putin, ambassador confirms

Trump will meet one-on-one with Putin, ambassador confirms

Many NATO states, particularly along the eastern border with Russian Federation, have become increasingly alarmed about recent aggressive moves by Russia's military.

Trump has long complained that the US bears too large a financial burden, but has yet to act. It is now poised to admit the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which would mean the United States is pledged to defend a nation that devotes just $120 million per year to its own defense, not quite as much as the Cincinnati Police Department.

The Washington Post recently reported that the Pentagon was evaluating the cost of transferring or withdrawing the troops - the biggest contingent outside the United States.

Trump accused Merkel of pursuing oil and gas deals with Russian Federation that provide Moscow with "billions and billions of dollars" while looking to the United States to protect Germany from Russia's military.

While noting that "we need to do more" on defence spending, Hutchinson noted that more than half of NATO's members were on track to achieve the target set by the alliance of two per cent of gross domestic product spent on defence by 2024.

"They're going, "Will President Trump be prepared?"

"There is nothing being said at all about the troop alignment in Germany or anything that would change the 32,000 troop force that we have in Germany", said a senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"The challenges for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have changed drastically in recent years", Merkel said.

Trump told reporters last week he would press Putin on election meddling and also discuss Syria and Ukraine during their meeting. Trump also rejected the joint communique signed by leaders at the conclusion of the meeting, launching personal attacks against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the process.

Separately, U.S. Representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison told reporters Thursday that the alliance is moving forward together, and "everyone has the same goal, and that is a strong deterrent and an alliance that is unified" against threats like Russian Federation and China.

A third of active-duty US military troops overseas - more than 60,000 - are stationed in Europe, including 35,000 in Germany, 12,000 in Italy, 8,500 in the United Kingdom and 3,300 in Spain, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of information from the Defense Manpower Data Center, a statistical arm of the Defense Department. They are strategically located to help in other regions of the world, such as counter Iran or strike the ISIS.

After the alliance was established in 1949, its first secretary general, Lord Hastings Ismay, summed up its goal concisely: "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down". Poland is willing to spend up to $2 billion to lobby the build a permanent military base there, according to a Defense Ministry proposal.

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