How coach Chanthawong helped trapped Thai boys survive inside the cave

How coach Chanthawong helped trapped Thai boys survive inside the cave

How coach Chanthawong helped trapped Thai boys survive inside the cave

They were found more than a week later by a pair of British volunteer divers who were part of a rescue mission that has drawn divers and experts from around the world - including USA military personnel from Japan, bird's nest collectors who hunted for shafts in the rock face and members of Elon Musk's SpaceX venture. The group became stranded after torrential monsoon rains caused the system to flood and were missing for nine days before being discovered by two British divers early last week.

The world has been hooked on the fate of the group of Thai boys trapped in a cave and the heroic attempts to rescue them.

The group went into the Tham Luang cave more than two weeks ago.

The four boys pulled from the cave Sunday in an urgent and unsafe operation that involved them diving through the cave's tight and twisting passages were in good health.

Divers have restarted the rescue effort to bring the final eight boys and their soccer coach from a cave in Thailand one day after the first four were safely evacuated.

The extraction of the four on Monday followed a similar pattern to the previous day, with the youngsters emerging in quick succession just before nightfall after navigating a treacherous escape route of more than four kilometres (2.5 miles) that included extremely narrow and flooded tunnels.

Four of the boys were safely rescued on Sunday after rescuers carried out a risky operation, amid fears the waters will rise again to a unsafe level.

The boys, whose names have not been revealed, are being treated at Chiang Rai Prachanukraw Hospital in Muang district.

Sunday's mission involved 13 foreign divers and five Thai navy SEALs.

Authorities have not confirmed the identity of the first four boys rescued.

A source involved in the rescue mission who saw two of the four boys walk out of the cave told Reuters that they looked exhausted but healthy, adding that one even looked "vivacious and fresh". "At 11 am we sent the second team", said Narongsak Osatanakorn, the governor of Chiang Rai.

After the four boys were removed from the cave, heavy rain started falling. The same divers were deployed Monday because they were familiar the cave, authorities said.

Ivan Karadzic, a Danish dive instructor who lives in Thailand and who was involved in the rescue effort of the four people on Sunday as a support diver, said late that night that "it went surprisingly well, we were expecting bad things to happen, and they didn't".

"They (the first four rescued) are well and happy".

"No hugging" or "touching" would be allowed between the boys and their relatives, however, until all medical tests are completed, the official said. They have not been reunited with their families yet due to infection concerns.

"We have not been told which child has been brought out ..."

"I'm hoping for good news", he said.

And he has been true to his word, sending some of his top engineers to Thailand to help with the rescue, saying: "There are probably many complexities that are hard to appreciate without being there in person".

Osotthanakorn said the boys were hungry and asking for a Thai dish of beef with basil and chilli.

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