President Trump picks Judge Brett Kavanaugh

President Trump picks Judge Brett Kavanaugh

President Trump picks Judge Brett Kavanaugh

US President Donald Trump has named conservative federal appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to serve on the US Supreme Court.

Fox News Channel and MSNBC have become the two most popular networks in cable television with opinionated prime-time lineups.

She said that with Kavanaugh's credentials, "it's very hard for anyone to tell me that he's not qualified for the job".

Many judicial decisions will affect what happens in states.

Kozinski abruptly retired in December a year ago after multiple women, including former clerks and a retired federal judge, accused him of abuse, including showing them pornography in his chambers, forcibly kissing them and inviting them to have sex.

Following Trump's announcement, Hannity spoke to Fox correspondents Shannon Bream, John Roberts and Ed Henry.

"As the Senator from #WV, I have a constitutional obligation to advise & consent on a nominee to fill Supreme Court vacancies & I take that responsibility seriously", Manchin said in a tweet on Tuesday.

American Bridge's work represents another piece in a growing umbrella of groups on both sides of the Kavanaugh nomination - operations that combined plan to spend millions of dollars on television and digital advertising, rallying grassroots to support or oppose Kavanaugh's nomination and defending - or in the case of American Bridge, attempting to sink - his nomination.

Vice President Mike Pence, speaking as Kavanaugh began making the rounds on his confirmation push, said the appeals court judge would bring "impeccable credentials and character" to the Supreme Court. She's on record that presidents deserve plenty of deference in this matter, and her votes are consistent with that sentiment.

"We have a president whose statements and policies are rooted in racism". If confirmed, Kavanaugh would likely be the fifth vote on the court to overturn Roe.

Currently, the court tilts to the right with a 5-4 majority over its liberal wing, with 81-year-old Kennedy, who announced his retirement late last month, being the crucial swing vote. She asked viewers to consider "the snapshot" of Trump associates - including Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen - under investigation or facing charges.

"We've got some due diligence that we've got to do", Murkowski said Tuesday. "The nomination comes at a time when that choice is fraught and consequential in ways that have never applied to any other USA president, ever".

"I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh's nomination with everything I have, and I hope a bipartisan majority will do the same", Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer of NY said in a statement.

"Does the phrase "judge shopping" come to mind?"

"I have Trump nomination BINGO!" he exclaimed.

She and the other Democrats on this list all turned down invites from the White House to attend Kavanaugh's announcement, which was widely viewed as a symbolic effort to keep their independence in this process.

A coalition of liberal groups has organized at least 39 events on Tuesday around the country under the #SaveSCOTUS banner, a reference to liberal fears that the next justice will shift the court to the right. The teleprompter in the back didn't include Kavanaugh's name.

"We should be very concerned that this nominee has been vetted by the Heritage Foundation, whose goal is to repeal the ACA and the protections it provides", Sen. "He doesn't want anyone messing up the show".

In 2011, Kavanaugh dissented from a majority opinion of the DC Circuit that upheld a ban that applied to semiautomatic rifles in the District of Columbia.

But: Heitkamp remained notably noncommittal after Trump picked Kavanaugh. "Because he's anxious that Mr Mueller will go to the court and ask that the president be subpoenaed and ask to do other things necessary to move the investigation forward and president Trump knows that Kavanaugh will be a barrier to preventing that investigation from going there".

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