Here are the 12 funniest reactions to Donald Trump's United Kingdom visit

Here are the 12 funniest reactions to Donald Trump's United Kingdom visit

Here are the 12 funniest reactions to Donald Trump's United Kingdom visit

President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged full cooperation on trade and other issues Friday, easing tensions following Trump's explosive interview in which he criticized her handling of "Brexit" and called into question a U.S. -U.K. trade deal.

Ms Thornberry said Mr Trump's comments on the PM's Brexit strategy and his suggestion Mr Johnson would be a "great prime minister" were "rudeness upon rudeness upon rudeness".

"It will certainly be something that we bring up and talk about", the USA president said.

"Trump...has unleashed an absolute tsunami of misogyny and racism, and he has normalized the extremist forces in the world", one protester told the BBC.

As you'd imagine, his appearance has attracted a fair bit of attention, prompting (among many things) a giant 20ft baby blimp to be floated above Parliament Square as part of a huge protest. But shortly after the president's news conference in Britain, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictments of 12 members of a Russian military unit on charges of hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Journalist Tom Newton Dunn, Trump's interviewer, said the president seemed "sensitive" about the inflatable "Trump baby" being flown over London and its accompanying protests, set for Friday.

A United Kingdom government minister has handed President Donald Trump an extremely British dressing down over his incendiary interview with The Sun newspaper - by scolding him about his manners.

"I actually told Theresa May how to do [Brexit], but she didn't agree". Instead, he said, May went "the opposite way" and the results have been "very unfortunate".

British Prime Minister Theresa May sits with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as she holds the first Cabinet meeting of her new team inside 10 Downing Street, in London, on June 12, 2017.

"I also said that this incredible woman right here is doing a fantastic job".

GMB/status/1017669404115587077?"Of course we stand shoulder to shoulder in adversity, and it was really comforting when Americans sent messages of support when we had terrorist attack a year ago", Khan said, "but when we think you're wrong we should say you're wrong - that's what a special relationship is all about".

"I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London".

Trump has long spoken of his desire to meet the monarch, but for this queen, such encounters with USA presidents are old hat, having met 10 American leaders since her coronation in 1952.

After Trump's interview was published, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the president "likes and respects Prime Minister May very much", adding that he had "never said anything bad about her". "I think she represents her country so well".

"I think they like me a lot in the UK", Trump said in Brussels.

The shadow foreign secretary lashed the US President saying his comments were "rudeness upon rudeness upon rudeness".

Khan told BBC Radio Friday, "The idea that you can blame (a rise in crime) on immigration from Africa is I think preposterous and we should call him out when he does so". He said he would also talk about Ukraine, Syria and nuclear proliferation, calling it the biggest issue. "I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism", he said. "It's called fake news".

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