House Committees Will Interview Lisa Page This Week

House Committees Will Interview Lisa Page This Week

House Committees Will Interview Lisa Page This Week

"It appears Lisa Page has something to hide", said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA.) on Tuesday.

Page and Strzok are major figures in a Republican effort to discredit the FBI and protect Trump from allegations that his campaign colluded with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential campaign and that he tried to obstruct the investigation into those allegations.

"We will use all tools at our disposal to obtain her testimony", he added.

Jeffress said in a statement prior to the contempt threat that Page could not appear without first having access to Federal Bureau of Investigation documents that the committees already possessed, and that they had ignored her efforts to find a later date for the deposition. She added that Page first needed clarification about what the lawmakers would be asking and access to Federal Bureau of Investigation documents.

"Despite repeated promises by Republicans that they would not interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, they asked hundreds of questions during our recent interview of Peter Strzok demonstrating that their investigation has become exactly that - an attempt to obstruct Special Counsel Mueller's work and act as President Trump's defense counsel", Mr. Cummings said.

"The idea that Lisa Page has something to hide is laughable, because Congress has already released her personal text messages for all the world to see", said Josh Campbell, CNN analyst and former Federal Bureau of Investigation supervisory special agent. "The Judiciary Committee intends to initiate contempt proceedings on Friday, July 13, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.", they wrote in a letter Wednesday to her lawyer, Amy Jeffress. "The Committees have not honored this request".

Trump has seized on Page and Strzok's inflammatory texts, which were detailed in a report by the Justice Department's internal watchdog last month, to paint the FBI and Mueller's investigation as biased. "In fact, Lisa and I went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation today today to review the materials that were previously produced to Congress related to her proposed interview, but after waiting more than three hours, we were not provided with any documents".

Even several committee Republicans don't expect that Page will seriously consider taking up the offer for her to appear at the hearing Thursday, to be questioned alongside Strzok.

Aiming to discredit the probe, Trump and supporters in Congress have charged that Mueller's team is stacked with Democrats and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been opposed to him. When he returns to Capitol Hill for Thursday's hearing he will be speaking publicly about the messages for the first time.

The move by Page's attorney was a rare moment of pushback, as Republicans and the President have continued to hold up Page and Strzok as Exhibit A of political bias infecting the nation's premier law enforcement agency.

Strzok was interviewed in closed session with lawmakers for 11 hours last month and his lawyer has asked the transcript be made public.

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