Missouri boat accident kills 17, including nine from one family

Missouri boat accident kills 17, including nine from one family

Missouri boat accident kills 17, including nine from one family

The victims include 64-year-old Leslie Dennison from a small town south of Moline.

Nine of the 17 victims killed Thursday night when a duck boat sank at Table Rock Lake were from the same family.

"We're still working with families and making notifications, so at this time, I'm not giving that information out", he said.

Police said 31 people were aboard the vessel, which was covered by a canopy and was seen struggling to reach shore against strong winds before it succumbed to the waves and began to sink.

"I couldn't hear anything".

Lemus says at no time did the captain tell the passengers to put their life jackets on, but he says they never felt like they were in danger of sinking. "Everybody start getting like "Hey?" "I'm OK, but this is really hard, just really hard". Coleman recalled: "The last thing I heard my sister-in-law yell was, "Grab the baby!"

Among the passengers was an 11-member family, nine of whom died, according to Gov. Mike Parson's office. Coleman said there were lifejackets on board.

Ride the Ducks says they will continue to do safety drills every 90 days on how to save lives in case they have to abandon the boat or if there is a person overboard.

Among the unanswered questions were whether the boat crew was aware of weather warnings and whether passengers were wearing life vests.

Late Friday, the NTSB said they will be collecting evidence and interviewing people for up to ten days. "Definitely, life-changing, life-altering event". Lindenberg said winds reached speeds of more than 60 miles per hour.

A microburst is a severe, localised wind gust, blasting down from a thunderstorm, typically covering an area less than 4km in diameter and lasting less than five minutes. The warning mentioned both locations. So this is going to be an all night, into tomorrow [search],' Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader told reporters about 9.30pm.

The company who owns the capsized boat, Ripley Entertainment, added Branson's "Ride the Ducks" attraction to its roster previous year. Coleman's 13-year-old nephew was her only relative to survive.

Lifejackets were stored on board the boat, although it is now unclear whether any passengers had time to strap one on. Seven of the 14 survivors were hurt when the vessel went down. Authorities said 17 have died. Her father, retired math teacher Steve Smith, and her brother died in the accident. Loren suffered concussion but survived.

Oakes said he was informed of the deaths by in-laws of the Smiths.

He said the incident was caused by heavy winds, saying the tour boat had been making its way to land.

Visitors in Branson report for most of the day yesterday the weather was calm and in the mid-90s, but a storm quickly blew through the area just before 7 p.m. CDT. "But it suddenly got very dark", he recalled.

The man-made lake where the boat sank is a popular tourist draw located in southern Missouri near the city of Branson, on the border with Arkansas. Dark, rolling waves crash over its front end.

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