Trump legal team waived attorney-client privilege on Cohen recording

Trump legal team waived attorney-client privilege on Cohen recording

Trump legal team waived attorney-client privilege on Cohen recording

Referring to that raid, Trump called it "inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer's office (early in the morning)".

Trump is responding to the revelation that attorney Michael Cohen made a secret recording of their discussion about a potential payment for a former Playboy model's account of having an affair with Trump.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the taped September 2016 conversation took place in person rather than over the phone, and the recording cut off after less than two minutes. He said Trump did not know he was being recorded and claimed that the president had done nothing wrong.

He also called raids of Cohen's home, office and hotel room earlier this year "inconceivable" and "almost unheard of".

President Trump's legal team waived attorney-client privilege on the recording longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen made, a source with knowledge confirms to CBS News. Giuliani confirmed the existence of the recordings, which are in the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and told reporters Friday that the tapes would be exculpatory for Trump.

"Nothing in that conversation suggests that he had any knowledge of it in advance", Giuliani said.

But he said no money was actually ever transferred, and the recording itself amounted to "powerful exculpatory evidence". In New York state, it is legal to record a conversation if one party consents.

The president has said that Mr Trump is no longer his personal lawyer.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and longtime fixer, leaves federal court in NY.

Mr Cohen once famously vowed he would take a bullet for Mr Trump, but he told ABC News this month that his loyalty to his family and country came before his old boss.

Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis said in a Twitter post that the recording will not hurt Cohen.

Cohen is under investigation for his business dealings and his handling of negative stories about the POTUS, including, allegedly paying porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money to hide an affair.

Davis said "any attempt at spin can not change what is on the tape".

Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.

The woman at the center of this payment is Karen McDougal, whom the National Enquirer paid $150,000 in August 2016 for the rights to her story.

With his tweet, Trump signaled open warfare on Cohen, a longtime fixer he had until now tried to keep by his side. But her opinion changed this year when she learned new details about the deal, including that her lawyerh at the time and AMI had both been in contact with Cohen while her deal was being negotiated. But the tabloid did not publish the story, keeping it out of public view.

According to CNN, "McDougal signed a contract with American Media Inc., the company that owns the National Enquirer, which barred her from publicly speaking about the alleged affair before the 2016 election". McDougal, 47, alleges that she had a 10-month romantic affair with Trump in 2006.

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