Armstrong's collection goes to auction

Armstrong's collection goes to auction

Armstrong's collection goes to auction

Armstrong, whose proclamation that he had taken "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" became one of the of the most iconic phrases of the 20th century, died in OH in 2012, aged 82.

Armstrong stepped onto the moon July 20, 1969.

Schmitt was one of the last people to set foot on the moon during the final mission of NASA's Apollo program. You will find the items went to the moon with him, such as a USA flag, a United Nations flag, several state flags, as well as some Robbins Medallions.

Amongst the products being provided are Robbins medallions flown on the Apollo 11 objective, consisting of an "incredibly uncommon gold example". He also took pieces of wing and propeller from the 1903 Wright Brothers Flyer with him to the moon.

Armstrong's collection also boasts a gold and diamond pin that the astronaut gifted his wife after he flew it on Gemini VIII - his first-ever spaceflight - and a Purdue University centennial flag (Armstrong's alma mater) that traveled on Apollo 11.

Neil Armstrong died in OH in 2012 at the age of 82 and his family has turned to Heritage Auction of Dallas to sell items from the astronaut's estate.

"There will be flown items, autographed items and items of historical significance", his son Mark said. "There will be products that make you believe, products that make you laugh and products that make you scratch your head", the astronaut's kid Mark Armstrong stated.

"I think the addition that the museum is putting in place will give them a chance to reach out to more kids, and bring them in, and really teach them about science and technology, engineering and math", Armstrong said.

"With that being said, I think he would be pleased to be remembered as being part of a programme that demonstrated incredible things can be achieved when people come together to dedicate themselves towards a common goal".

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