CVS Apologizes After Pharmacist Harasses Trans Customer

CVS Apologizes After Pharmacist Harasses Trans Customer

CVS Apologizes After Pharmacist Harasses Trans Customer

A CVS pharmacist in Arizona was sacked after he refused to fill the hormone prescription of a transgender woman.

"I have contacted CVS' corporate complaint line multiple times, but no one has addressed my concerns or offered me an apology", she wrote.

"I was finally going to start seeing my body reflect my gender identity and the woman I've always known myself to be", Hall wrote.

Hilde Hall filed a complaint against a CVS pharmacy in Arizona after she tried to fill her hormone prescription.

She said the pharmacist then proceeded to ask her questions in front of other customers, which she said left her "embarrassed and distressed".

"I left the store feeling mortified", Hall wrote. I didn't want to answer why I had been prescribed this hormone therapy combination by my doctor.

"I felt like the pharmacist was trying to out me as transgender in front of strangers", Hall wrote.

Last month, Arizona's Family told the story of a Peoria woman whose pharmacist refused to fill a prescription to end her pregnancy after a doctor told her the fetus was no longer viable.

A transgender woman claims a CVS pharmacist refused to fill her hormone therapy prescription.

According to AZCentral, Arizona is one of six states that "allows pharmacies and pharmacists to refuse to fill a prescription on religious or moral grounds"; however, the pharmacists are required to inform their employer about any religious convictions in advance.

The company apologized on social media Friday saying the pharmacist is no longer an employee.

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CVS spokesman DeAngelis apologized for the company's unresponsiveness to Hall's complaints about her treatment.

Hall declined to take legal action against CVS after she received an apology. In fact, CVS pharmacists were directly involved in the development of the HRC's resource guide for providing pharmacy care and services to LGBTQ patients.

The pharmacist violated CVS policies and "does not reflect our values or our commitment to inclusion, non-discrimination, and the delivery of outstanding patient care". On Thursday, Hall said she made a decision to file a complaint to the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy saying something needed to be done.

In April, the Trump administration said it planned to roll back a rule issued under former president Barack Obama that prevents doctors and hospitals from discriminating against transgender people.

He said the company learned of Hall's post Thursday and spoke with her Friday to apologize directly.

We are very proud to have earned a flawless score on the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Corporate Equality Index for the past four consecutive years for our policies and practices related to LGBTQ equality.

After Arteaga complained to the pharmacy board about a Walgreens pharmacist denying her a miscarriage-related prescription because of personal beliefs, the agency began an investigation.

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