Jenelle Evans's Road Rage Incident Was on 'Teen Mom 2'

Jenelle Evans's Road Rage Incident Was on 'Teen Mom 2'

Jenelle Evans's Road Rage Incident Was on 'Teen Mom 2'

Had she just headed home instead of escalating the situation, all of this could have had a much happier ending, and now, it seems like there's yet another reason on camera that might keep her from ever getting full custody of Jace again, which she's been working toward for years.

The incident began as a white 4×4 truck was tailgating Evans on the highway.

All of the chaos happened in front of her eight-year-old son Jace.

According to MTV, Evans called 911 after an unknown male driver in a white truck allegedly cut her off on a highway and slammed on his brakes, causing her to nearly veer off the road.

Jenelle then made a decision to follow the unidentified driver as he turned off the highway, following him all the way to his home, and then unbuckled her seat belt, leaning forward to pull out a small handgun.

Her son then recounted events to grandma Barbara. You can see Jace clearly watch her do this, and then says, "If he tried to get and hurt you, I could grab this nerf gun and whip him". I got three cameras in my vehicle.

Jenelle became enraged at a driver for tailgating her, yelling: 'Dude are you kidding me right now?' "Babe, he just hit my fucking vehicle!"

The entire incident was filmed on Evans's dashboard cam, though the moment that Evans pulled out her gun and brandished it in front of the other motorist was replaced by a title card that read "At this point, Jenelle pulled out her firearm".

Evans then unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled out a handgun, though she was not shown holding the gun on TV. 'And then mommy just points a gun at the guy and then he said "You better not f***ing shoot"'.

According to the police report obtained by People, the male driver alleged that the mom of three was "blocking traffic" so he attempted to "pass her on the inside like everyone else, and she flipped out".

People reported that neither driver was charged in connection with the scary incident.

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