Georgia Politician Fights Terrorism by Mooning Sacha Baron Cohen

Georgia Politician Fights Terrorism by Mooning Sacha Baron Cohen

Georgia Politician Fights Terrorism by Mooning Sacha Baron Cohen

Spencer is now serving his fourth term in the Georgia house.

Rep. Spencer's term will end later this year after he was defeated in the May primary. "He has no business drawing a paycheck from taxpayers one more day".

The unfortunate victim is Georgia-based Republican Jason Spencer, a controversial politician who has made headlines in the past for threatening that people who wanted to alter or remove Confederate statues would "go missing".

"Rep. Spencer's words and behavior are hurtful, insensitive and completely unacceptable", Kemp said in a statement released Monday. "At the very least, he should issue a public apology for this shameful incident". Many have later said they were "duped."

"It is clear the makers of this film meant to deceive me in an attempt to undermine the American conservative political movement", said Spencer, who has now "sought legal counsel" and plans to "take action if and when any of this fraudulently obtained footage of me is used by these Hollywood liberals to line their own pockets". Cohen tells Spencer the performance would ward off terrorists, as their worst fear is being seen as homosexuals.

In a segment of its July 22 episode, Cohen, disguised as Israeli military expert Captain Erran Morad, offered Spencer anti-terrorism training.

Cohen told him that in his role as a prominent member of the Republican party, he might be targeted by terrorists for kidnapping.

Spencer is then asked to try the method, pretending to be a Chinese tourist because "the Chinese are always taking selfies", according to Cohen.

Cohen convinces Spencer that yelling the "forbidden" N-word would be an effective method of warding off terror attacks, after which Spencer repeatedly shouts the word while running as practice. Now, I am going to be the terrorist. Now, the fears I already had became more intensified...

Spencer attempted to use legal action to block the segment from airing, but to no avail.

Screenshot via YouTube/SHOWTIMEFootage from the second episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime series, Who Is America?

"We will take your d-k and we will shove it in your mouth", a visibly heated Spencer says. Palin called Cohen "evil" and his humor "sick".

The lawmaker insisted Cohen and the production company's actions were offensive and fraudulent, saying "this media company's deceptive and fraudulent behavior is exactly why President Donald Trump was elected".

"If you want to win, you show some skin", Cohen eventually instructs, and Spencer promptly drops his red boxer briefs. Jones is also an 11Alive News political analyst.

"Representative Jason Spencer is under fire after this past Sunday night's episode of the Showtime series, 'Who is America". He also sparred with the Catholic Church this year, calling it a "pro-child predator special interest group" and the "child sexual predator lobby". He lost his primary election last May.

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