Trump, Italy's Conte express alignment on immigration

Trump, Italy's Conte express alignment on immigration

Trump, Italy's Conte express alignment on immigration

Conte believes a conference in Rome, backed by the United States, will help Rome establish itself as the major interlocutor for Libya's warring factions.

"My administration is working hard to pass border security legislation, improve vetting, and establish a merit-based immigration system, which the United States needs very, very importantly, very badly", Trump said.

President Donald Trump and Italy's new premier are stressing what they have in common as they stand side-by-side at the White House at a joint press conference.

On trade, the two men share the same skepticism when it comes to free trade: Trump has blasted several worldwide pacts such as Nafta and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), while Conte refused to ratify the CETA free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada.

Trump - who has pursued a "zero tolerance" policy at the USA border, a crackdown that led to hundreds of children being separated from parents who crossed into the country from Mexico without papers - praised Conte's approach on the issue.

"I will be, personally, the carrier of the message, and I'll try and make the others understand these positions", Conte said. After the meeting, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told a radio interviewer that a shutdown so close to the November 6 midterm elections wouldn't happen.

In a joint press conference with the Italian prime minister, President Trump said he would have "no problem with a shutdown" if Congress resists funding his proposed border wall.

The Italian premier offers president Trump some rare support among European leaders, echoing his populist rhetoric, scepticism toward the EU status quo and a push to improve relations with Russian Federation.

"As for Russia, Italy interested in dialogue with Russia".

The pair also brushed over differences over Iran, where sanctions have hurt Italian-Iranian commercial relations.

"Italy feels comfortable in the European Union".

Speaking about the hostile relations between the U.S. and Iran, Mr Trump declared he would be still be willing to meet if Iran if "they wanted" to, despite escalating tensions between the two countries. We can't let that happen. But two officials said Trump recognized the political cost of a shutdown before the November elections and had assured staff he wouldn't provoke a fiscal crisis until after Election Day. And we discussed that, and we'll work something out.

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