Extreme Conditions Expected as Firefighters Battle California Blazes

Extreme Conditions Expected as Firefighters Battle California Blazes

Extreme Conditions Expected as Firefighters Battle California Blazes

The state is ablaze with more than a dozen wildfires.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection commanders said on Wednesday the fire, sparked by a vehicle on July 23, was burning with far less intensity this week and posed little immediate threat to populated areas. More than 12,000 firefighters and even 3,000 prisons inmates are locked in a pitched battle against the blazes.

"We're in for a really rough ride, and it's going to get expensive, it's going to get unsafe", Brown said.

At a separate news conference on Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown said the Carr Fire typified a "new normal" authorities are encountering, as large, extremely intense and swiftly spreading wildfires occur more often over a longer fire season.

The fire gets its name from its point of origination at Carr Powerhouse Road, but it has now spread far beyond its first home. The fire was nearly 35 percent contained, and thousands of residents were allowed to return to their neighborhoods.

Recent heatwave temperatures in the USA have meant that the country is more prone than ever to forest fires, as more fuels are available to promote growth. Brown said the state will spend whatever it takes to fight wildfires ravaging California that have wiped out more than 1,000 homes and killed multiple people.

These areas include: Lake, Mendocino and Napa counties, where the River, Ranch and Steele fires, are still surging.

The state spent more than $114 million fighting fires in July, the first month of California's fiscal year.

Grass Valley firefighters found a dish and provided the two newfound friends with fresh water as other firefighters searched for a way to contain the pair for the SPCA; they were able to find an animal carrier.

A firefighter runs while trying to save a home in Lakeport on Tuesday.

Firefighters are gaining steady ground on the Carr Fire, which has forced the evacuation of some 38,000 people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.

A third fire in Mendocino County, Another fire broke out in the Mendocino National Forest Tuesday. The weather isn't helping: low humidity, winds, and dry conditions are challenging firefighting efforts.

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