Toto Wolff - Niki Lauda recovery is 'not a race'

Toto Wolff - Niki Lauda recovery is 'not a race'

Toto Wolff - Niki Lauda recovery is 'not a race'

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff on Friday wished chairman Lauda a safe and speedy recovery and hoped the Austrian would be back at the races before long.

One of the doctors who operated on three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda says he is making good progress in a Vienna hospital after his lung transplant on Thursday. "But knowing Niki, I'm sure he will soon be telling every nurse and doctor that he has had enough of the hospital", Wolff said.

"The transplantation was done successfully by Walter Klepetko, head of thoracic surgery, and Konrad Hotzenecker".

The surgeon confirmed that Lauda's medical history was unlikely to have been a factor in Lauda's illness.

One aspect of Lauda's situation that Klepetko did clarify was that his fiery accident at the Nurburgring in 1976 had had no bearing on the decision to replace his lungs.

"One can absolutely assume that lung transplantation is not a late effect of the fire accident", he told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

The news of Lauda's surgery had broken just as teams went on their mandatory two-week summer shutdown.

"Our thoughts are rather with Niki, Birgit and the Lauda family".

"The world knows Niki as an Formula One legend with incredible power and resilience".

"For all of us at Mercedes he is our chairman, our mentor and our friend", he added. We have missed him by our side in Hockenheim and Hungary, and can't wait to have him back with us on the grand prix tracks of this world.

Scary stuff! From us all here at GP blog, we wish him the best of recoveries.

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