Gates tells Manafort trial he assisted in filing false tax returns

Gates tells Manafort trial he assisted in filing false tax returns

Gates tells Manafort trial he assisted in filing false tax returns

Prosecutors have called a witness other than Rick Gates in the financial fraud trial of President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

When asked why had lied, he told prosecutors he had done so at Mr Manafort's request.

Gates pleaded guilty in February to charges of conspiracy against the United States and lying to federal authorities.

Prosecutors will move to admit those exchanges to the record when Gates takes the stand.

Manafort's defense hinges on convincing a jury that it was Gates, not Manafort, who committed all of these crimes, and that Manafort is a victim of Gates. Gates said he did not submit the required forms "at Mr. Manafort's direction".

"This is typically the most important testimony that a "flipper" can give prosecutors - an admission that they committed crimes along with the defendant, along with an explanation of how they did it", Mariotti tweeted on Monday.

The judge in the Paul Manafort trial reminded Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team on Friday of the high bar for conviction - that they must prove the former Trump campaign chairman knowingly violated tax and bank laws related to his political work overseas.

Gates served as Manafort's business partner for almost a decade until 2016, when the two joined the Trump campaign for president.

Manafort is on trial this week in a federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, facing charges of evading taxes on more than $60 million of income earned working for Ukrainian politicians. Gates also worked for the Trump election campaign.

Manafort's defense has sought to blame Gates for any illegal conduct and accused him of embezzling millions of dollars. He is expected to be the prosecution's star witness in the case.

Earlier Monday, Ellis threatened to kick reporters out of the courtroom if they continue being "disruptive".

The Manafort trial marks the first major court test for the Mueller investigation.

On Monday, Ms LaPorta was asked by prosecutors if she had been aware of a $10m loan from Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska that the district attorney said was "supposedly made in 2006".

Manafort attorney Kevin Downing says that Rick Gates will testify at the conclusion of the testimony of Manafort's tax preparer.

Under cross examination, she said at the time she believed Manafort was directing Gates' actions and "knew what was going on".

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