People Killed in Santa Ana Plane Crash Identified

People Killed in Santa Ana Plane Crash Identified

People Killed in Santa Ana Plane Crash Identified

Four San Francisco Bay-area residents and a Los Angeles man were identified Monday as the five who were killed in a plane crash into a Santa Ana parking lot. It left Concord's Buchanan Field at 10:23 a.m.

Fire authorities were called at 12:28 local time (19:28 GMT) after the small plane hit a parked red vehicle, while its owner was in a shop.

"We looked up to see the plane falling nose first", Ella Pham, 20, of Santa Ana, said Sunday. Authorities have no other information about the flight at this time, Bommarito said. "This is a Sunday afternoon and we have people shopping".

Referring to the pilot, Bommarito said: "If he did do anything that prevented him from going anywhere else that was more crowded, he did a great job". All five victims were passengers on the airplane.

A group of firefighters happened to be eating lunch across the street when the plane hit and were able to reach the site in less than a minute. The FAA launched an investigation into the crash, and added that the National Transportation Safety Board will determine the probable cause.

A real estate company says three of its employees and two of their family members were killed in a Southern California plane crash. The pilot was 53-year-old Scott Shepherd, a Diablo resident; 62-year-old Floria Hakimi from Danville; 42-year-old Lara Shepherd from Diablo; 32-year-old Navid Hakimi of Los Angeles; and 29-year-old Nasim Ghanadan from Alamo.

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