China Files Complaint With WTO Over US Solar Tariffs

China Files Complaint With WTO Over US Solar Tariffs

China Files Complaint With WTO Over US Solar Tariffs

On July 6, US tariffs on 34 billion dollars of Chinese goods came into force, and China responded by enacting tariffs on 34 billion dollars of goods it buys from the United States.

The Commerce Ministry said Wednesday the 30 percent tariffs announced in January violate WTO rules and improperly help US producers.

After the application of these first taxes, China responded with a package of tariff countermeasures of equal weight to products of the North American nation.

Similarly, many analysts and experts have been waiting for China to evaluate the full extent of the trade war the United States has initiated and decide on a course of action. The rest came up with various responses, including a refocus on development of the domestic economy, building other export markets, while 8 (or 16 percent) said they had no idea what the government should do.

According to a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, "The measures taken by the United States, both procedurally and physically, are suspected of violating the WTO Agreement on Safeguards".

The statement urges the USA to take concrete actions in line with the WTO rules and drop the "wrong practices" so that normal trade can be restored. Beijing says it will retaliate.

Trump's tariffs were not popular with the USA solar industry, which claimed the rising cost of imports would cause the loss of thousands of jobs.

Below is a review of the global trade spat so far this year. So far, the Trump administration has declined to give China the label, saying that while China manipulated its currency in the past, that problem had dissipated for now. In July, the White House said the United States and European Union would "work together toward zero tariffs" and start an "executive working group" to hopefully reach a deal.

Information for this article was contributed by Joe McDonald of The Associated Press and by Heather Long of The Washington Post.

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