Mollie Tibbetts' death being used to spread 'racist, false narrative,' relative says

Mollie Tibbetts' death being used to spread 'racist, false narrative,' relative says

Mollie Tibbetts' death being used to spread 'racist, false narrative,' relative says

He later continued, criticizing the media, "When they found out that it was this terrible, illegal immigrant that viciously killed her, all of a sudden that story went down".

Chris Chmielenski, deputy director of NumbersUSA, a group that advocates for lower levels of legal and illegal immigration, said that history reflects both the power of the agricultural industry, and the willingness of politicians to help them out. "We have to secure the border and protect the lives of American citizens".

"Even experts like myself, we can say with fairly reasonable certainty - but not 100 per cent - whether a document is fake or not", he told the Associated Press.

She said that she was gifted an ownership interest in the land many years ago from her husband's family and that she has no role in the farming operation. "I know we complied with the full extent of the law when we filled out the I-9", he added, referring to federal employment paperwork. "Seems like he has a good heart".

Tibbetts, according to the illegal alien's story, said he needed to get away from her or she would call the police.

While media coverage of the Manafort and Cohen cases dominated mainstream news outlets, Trump allies sought to refocus attention on Tibbetts' death and the suspect's immigration status.

Fellow Republican Sen. Joni Ernst noted, "A lot of our agricultural industry does rely on many laborers, and we just don't have enough of that labor pool in the state of Iowa".

Note to the left: When a young college girl is brutally murdered and an illegal immigrant is arrested as the key suspect, it might behoove to wait a bit - say, at least until a few days after the burial - before clanging the "poor immigrant" gong.

"What your testimony is, is showing everyone the strength that God has given you", she said. "All of us are saddened by the tragic death of Mollie and the realization that one of our co-workers was involved".

In a joint statement, Grassley and Ernst echoed Reynolds' remarks and said, "Too many Iowans have been lost at the hands of criminals who broke our immigration laws".

Many Republicans are citing Tibbetts' death as a reason to pass a bill requiring all US companies to use a federal system to check the immigration status of all job applicants. The man acquitted in her death had been deported five times before the shooting.

Fred Hubbell, the Democrat running to unseat Reynolds this fall, criticized state Republicans over their response on Thursday.

"I also know what Mollie stood for ... and she would not approve", the friend, Breck Goodman, said. The laws, which included the requirement that all businesses use the E-Verify system, sent undocumented immigrants out of those states in droves.

Steinle's death was often referenced by Trump on the campaign trail as a warning against sanctuary cities.

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