Logan Paul, KSI face off in YouTube boxing match

Logan Paul, KSI face off in YouTube boxing match

Logan Paul, KSI face off in YouTube boxing match

It is not a surprise that you will be able to watch the whole fight on Youtube. "Let's give them a rematch". I think we have to have a rematch.

Now coming to the main topic, as I mentioned earlier, the fight will be held at the Manchester Arena, and the event will start at 5:30 PM BST. His tilt with Logan Paul has opened up an even wider audience to his antics, and a bigger venue to measure up to those expectations.

"Let's do that again, that was fun".

And The Sportsman managed to catch up with the father of American Logan Paul, Greg, who exclusively shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight between the social media sensation, before giving us his unsurprisingly biased prediction.

The Manchester Arena crowed expressed their disappointment as they booed after the match was declared a "majority draw" following six rounds in a tightly-fought contest.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, has also received criticism in the past for comments towards women in some of his clips.

KSI and Logan Paul had whipped their fans into a frenzy before the bout with insult-filled videos flying back and forth and angry press conferences in Los Angeles and London.

Originally the Paul brothers requested the fight take place in a neutral territory to avoid shady hometown judging since the United Kingdom is the stomping grounds of KSI and Deji, but eventually they agreed to be fair it would be a two fight deal on in Britain and one in the US.

KSI and Paul are set to head Stateside next year for a rematch, with February an expected date.

However that figure could have been much higher if it wasn't for illegal streams which took over much of the internet; more than one million people tuned in to various streams on Twitch at one point.

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