British PM says no-deal Brexit would not be a disaster

British PM says no-deal Brexit would not be a disaster

British PM says no-deal Brexit would not be a disaster

She is visiting South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya during the trip, which is her first official trip to the continent.

"By 2022, I want the be the G7's number one investor in Africa, with Britain's private sector companies taking the lead in investing the billions that will see Africa's economies grow by trillions", said May.

May used her visit to Cape Town to announce her government's first post-Brexit trade pact.

May poured cold water on the warnings issued by finance minister Phillip Hammond after he suggested last week that failure to reach agreement with the European Union would have huge economic consequences.

"We're bringing the ambition and the substance of our white paper on the future relationship and also I think some pragmatism to try and go the extra mile to get the deal that I think is in both sides interests".

May, who acquired the nickname "Maybot" during the 2017 General Election for her mechanical demeanor, has played up to her moniker with this foray into South African dance.

"With exactly seven months until the end of the Article 50 process and less than two months ahead of the October European Council, we face the choice between the pragmatic proposals we are discussing now with the European Commission or no deal", Mr Lidington told France's largest federation of employers yesterday.

The prime minister had earlier attracted mixed reviews for her tentative dance steps as she was greeted by singing pupils during a visit to a Cape Town school.

"The reality is that the Chinese, the French, the Indians, indeed Korea, Japan, Germany even, tend to have had a much more proactive response to business in Africa than we traditionally have had".

The Sun reports that the Prime Minister's weird dancing saw her compared to Peter Crouch's bad robot dance and an excruciating scene from The Inbetweeners Movie.

Promising an extra £4bn in direct United Kingdom government investment - which she expects to be matched by the private sector - she said while the United Kingdom could not match the "economic might" of some foreign investors - such as China or the USA - it offered long-term opportunities of the "highest quality and breadth".

THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has advised British Prime Minister, Therese May, expected in Abuja Wednesday, not to allow herself to be hoodwinked by resisting "a choreographed plan" by the Presidency to secure her endorsement.

"I am unashamed about the need to ensure that our aid program works for the UK".

Whether or not it's just eager City traders returning from their summer holidays or a genuine breakthrough in negotiations will become clearer in the coming days, as Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab heads to Brussels to meet the man himself on Friday for further talks.

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