South Florida pastors denounce DeSantis for his 'monkey this up' remark

South Florida pastors denounce DeSantis for his 'monkey this up' remark

South Florida pastors denounce DeSantis for his 'monkey this up' remark

Gillum's opponent in November will be Representative Ron DeSantis, an enthusiastic backer of President Donald Trump who surged in the polls in Florida, America's third-largest state, after earning the endorsement of the president.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum upset a crowded field of well-funded candidates in Florida's Democratic gubernatorial primary Tuesday, a step away from becoming the state's first black governor.

DeSantis said he is more concerned with Gillum's plan to greatly hike business taxes in the state, adding that such a move would reverse progress made under Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) and President Donald Trump.

Gillum, who would be Florida's first black governor and does not identify as a socialist, said Thursday that he doesn't need an apology from DeSantis but that DeSantis "needs to apologize to Florida voters".

"Politics is not only a political thing, but it's a moral thing and an honorable thing, and ... the words that came out of Mr. DeSantis' mouth (were) not moral and (were) not honorable", the Rev. Carl Johnson said. "To characterize it as anything else is absurd". Nelson has a stronger network of support with, and I think there are folks I have a stronger network of support with.

Defending his comment Wednesday, DeSantis said he believes people "should be judged based on their ability and character regardless of race".

DeSantis returned to Fox News in an attempt to clarify his remarks, telling host Sean Hannity that his comments had "zero to do with race".

Episode 163 talks about Andrew Gillum's win in Florida, a Republican panic-list of upcoming Democratic investigations, and Louis C.K.'s attempted comeback.

DeSantis also came out fighting, criticizing Gillum as "way, way, way too liberal for the state of Florida". Schultz Zeckman noted that while Democrats increased their primary turnout in comparison to the 2014 midterms, so did Republicans; the memo also cites Republicans garnering more new voter registrations in Florida since 2016 than Democrats.

Gillum, meanwhile, relied on a grassroots campaign in the big-money Democratic primary.

Gillum was a 23-year-old Florida A&M student when he became the youngest person elected to the Tallahassee City Commission in 2003. And it's a contrast to the staid, centrist Nelson and Gwen Graham, Gillum's top primary rival.

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