Democratic Senator Says Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Process Is 'Not Normal'

Democratic Senator Says Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Process Is 'Not Normal'

Democratic Senator Says Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Process Is 'Not Normal'

The White House's decision was disclosed in a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday ahead of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings next week.

Kavanaugh's is set to begin hearings on his confirmation in the upper chamber Tuesday.

A Bush representative who has led a team of attorneys reviewing Kavanaugh's papers confirmed that lawyers have finished going through the records and have turned over about 415,000 pages to the committee, although about 147,000 of those pages are being withheld from public view.

Republicans have spoken positively about Kavanaugh, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, while a number of Democrats have expressed opposition to his nomination.

Democrats seemed to realize they are fighting a losing battle after attacks on the judge's personal finances and his activities while in the Bush White House fell short.

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota also spoke out about the documents. She added that there are "some very interesting questions about these documents", and said the information would "bolster" her arguments about whether Kavanaugh is qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

Ms. Klobuchar, who voted with fellow Democrats in 2013 to trigger the "nuclear option" and curtail the filibuster, said she would support reverting to the 60-vote rule should her party regain the Senate.

Days before Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh faces his long-awaited Senate confirmation hearings, the White House announced that it would withhold more than 100,000 pages of documents from his tenure as a lawyer for the George W. Bush administration in the early 2000s. What are they trying so desperately to hide?'

"There is a serious question as to whether this president, given the opportunity, will end the Mueller investigation, something which most Republicans and the overwhelming majority of Americans say would be a serious mistake", Sen. In a release, the committee pointed out that Grassley had promised to facilitate the release of another set of documents, now available only to members, if senators keep their requests targeted to specific documents. Senate Democrats have been sparring for weeks with Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, over how many documents from Kavanaugh's past Democrats are allowed access to.

Ms. Klobuchar was the only senator to make such a request, he said - and those documents were released Friday.

The judge was deeply skeptical of Congress' ability to impose restrictions, calling limits on outside groups "blatantly unconstitutional" - a position the Supreme Court eventually took as well when it struck down the restrictions.

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