Twitter Is Permanently Banning Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

Twitter Is Permanently Banning Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

Twitter Is Permanently Banning Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

The conspiracy theorist and radio host inserted himself into a press gaggle Mr. Rubio was having with reporters about the ongoing Senate hearing on social media companies.

The video cited shows Jones shouting at and berating CNN journalist Oliver Darcy for some 10 minutes during congressional hearings about social media. He's so mad! You won't silence me.

After a security guard asked a highly agitated Jones to back off, Rubio said, "I'll take care of you myself".

After Jones protested, Rubio said, "I don't want to be touched".

"Oh, he'll beat me up?"

"You are censoring conservatives, and I am asking you, President Donald Trump, to help us", she shouted, bringing the hearing to a sharp halt. So as much as I think the loss of Alex Jones on social media is no loss at all, I do worry about what the precedent of cutting him off means for the future. Rubio, "a little gangster thug". "That's why you didn't get elected, because you're snake-like".

Jones and InfoWars have been increasingly under fire for spreading false information, most notoriously claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax.

Twitter had come under criticism last month when it refused to ban InfoWars and Alex Jones from its platform, despite YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify deleting his content. "So, we [are] going to get crazier people".

As Jones protested that Rubio knew who he was, he briefly placed his hand on the senator's shoulder.

A spokesperson for Rubio's office said the video speaks for itself.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg are testifying today before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. "There goes Rubio, little punk", Jones said. After the hearing reconvened, he reportedly went back in to watch the testimonies.

Rubio's closing shot: "You guys can talk to this clown (Jones)". But the real takeaway from this encounter is that the de-platforming of Infowars is working-Jones is going to be reduced to stunts like this one to attract any attention.

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