Netanyahu says Israel working ‘near and far’ against Iran

Netanyahu says Israel working ‘near and far’ against Iran

Netanyahu says Israel working ‘near and far’ against Iran

A total of 202 strikes were carried out in neighbouring Syria, the official said, all of which involved "military targets, majority belonging to the (Iranian) Revolutionary Guards".

Israeli officials have rarely detailed specific operations.

But top Israeli officials are telling the press that they intend to escalate their strikes against Syria, particularly against Iranian-linked targets, in the days to come, and that they intend to do so even if they violate deals with Russian Federation in some cases.

But Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz used a speech to give a more general summary of Syria missions, prompted by a military briefing given to local media earlier in the day.

"Understand the significance of this matter in terms of preserving the red line, preventing the things that Iran has done, is doing and is trying to do against Israel from Syria".

Once willing to consider returning the Golan for peace with Syria, the Israelis have argued in recent years that the civil war in Syria and the presence there of an Iranian garrison backing Damascus show they need to keep it.

Israel has previously acknowledged carrying out dozens of strikes in Syria against what it describes as advanced arms deliveries to Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shiite group.

According to the source, the Israeli air force flew into Syria at low altitude and heading towards the provinces of Tartus and Hama, which has several military installations.

The Israeli military official did not comment directly on those reports on Tuesday, but said the army was aware of missile transfers from Iran to Iraq and then on to Syria. "This also needs to be clear", Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman told a conference hosted and aired live by the Israel Television News Company.

The claim came amid reports that Iran has deployed ballistic missiles batteries in Iraq that can reach Israel.

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