US sends 100 extra troops to Syria base after Russia threatens attack

US sends 100 extra troops to Syria base after Russia threatens attack

US sends 100 extra troops to Syria base after Russia threatens attack

The troops were flown by helicopter to the base at Tanf - a small town near Syria's borders with Iraq and Jordan.

The Russians have accused the United States of sheltering terrorists by protecting the area around At Tanf, a key strategic location for American forces and allied members of the anti-Islamic State coalition. At Tanf, the base where a coalition of dozens of USA troops and Syrian rebels launch counter-ISIS operations, is seen as a critical location within the scope of Iranian, Syrian, and Russian influence in the region.

U.S. defense officials are opposed to coordination with the Russian forces fighting the militants in Syria.

"However, if attacked, the United States will not hesitate to use necessary and proportionate force to defend USA, coalition or partner forces".

The drills come just one day after Russian Federation accused coalition forces of harboring terrorists in the area and threatened to conduct operations and launch precision strikes around a key anti-ISIS coalition base in At Tanf. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said they had killed 13 civilians, including children, but no fighters.

The message we want to convey to Russian Federation is to not send your forces inside a restricted area near an American military outpost in southern Syria, they said. And it has sparked U.S. warnings to Moscow not to challenge the USA military presence. The United Nations has said displaced people already make up about half of the 3 million people living in rebel-held areas of the northwest.

A U.S. soldier in the town of Darbasiya, Syria in 2017.

"The U.S. does not require any assistance in our efforts to destroy ISIS in the At Tanf deconfliction zone", Brown said, "and we advised the Russians to remain clear".

Such an attack might prompt the respond with punishing reprisals using similar weapons, especially if a Russian attack caused casualties to the US or its allies, officials said.

Russian and Syrian jets hammered the rebel stronghold on Tuesday, days before the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey meet to discuss the expected Syrian government offensive that could spark a humanitarian disaster.

"In case the armed terrorist groups refuse to lay down weapons, refuse to leave Syrian territory to go back to where they came from, the Syrian government is prepared", Jaafari said.

The officials did not disclose how the Kremlin sent its warnings to Washington but they noted Defence Secretary James Mattis and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are aware of the threat.

The US President wrote on Twitter: "President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province".

US President Donald Trump has warned Syria's President Assad and his allies Iran and Russian Federation not to launch a "reckless attack" to the Idlib province, as it would result in hundreds of thousands of people killed.

The Trump administration has warned Syria, Russia and Iran not to kick-start the offensive over fear of civilian casualties leading to continued bloodshed in a civil war that has lasted seven years. The Russian government denied any role in the attack.

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