Indian nuns demand arrest of bishop accused of rape

Indian nuns demand arrest of bishop accused of rape

Indian nuns demand arrest of bishop accused of rape

Bishop Mulakkal rubbished the charges against him as "baseless and concocted" and accused the nun of "blackmailing" him.

Meanwhile, members of various Catholic reformation organisations continued their protest Sunday against alleged laxity in the probe into the rape complaint filed by the nun. A division bench also sought to know the steps taken by the government to ensure the safety and security of the survivor and other nuns who are supporting her in her fight.

Facing increasing stigma and persecution from local church authorities ever since she accused Jalandhar bishop Franco Mullakal of repeatedly raping her, the Kottayam-based nun has written to the ambassador of the Pope in India pleading that a "speedy enquiry" be conducted into the case and that "Bishop Franco be removed from his responsibilities". It seems police are reluctant to take action due to pressure.

The complainant has accused Mulakkal of raping her several times between 2014 and 2016. However, their move did attract some strong criticism as The Missionaries of Jesus congregation, to which the nuns belong, on September 10 condemned the protest by the five nuns.

The court also asked the state government if adequate security was being provided to the woman and other nuns who are witnesses. That is why we thought of conducting this protest. "If a nun loses her virginity, she can not be treated as a nun", News18 reported. The statement has also said that the allegations against the Bishop are completely baseless. They (police) are studying it as to who is speaking truth.

Five nuns have been protesting outside the Kerala High Court, which is hearing the case, calling for Bishop Franco Mulakkal to be arrested and the investigation to be expedited. Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kottayam, K Subhash had earlier on August 13 informed the High Court that the investigation is going on effectively and in an impartial manner.

Sharma noted that the commission would be writing to Kerala DGP Lokanath Behera to take action against such lawmakers.

In her letter, the nun, obviously referring to insinuations on her silence after she was first molested, said that she "had tremendous fear and shame to bring this out into the open".

In August, Indian media revealed that, prior to reporting her alleged rape to the police, the sister wrote two letters to Abp. Giambattista Diquattro, Vatican representative to India, informing him of her complaints against the bishop.

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