Hurricane Florence expected to be stronger than past hurricanes Carolinas experienced

Hurricane Florence expected to be stronger than past hurricanes Carolinas experienced

Hurricane Florence expected to be stronger than past hurricanes Carolinas experienced

Florence is forecast to crawl up to the North Carolina coast late this week and turn slowly left - a development that would smash the Tar Heel State with life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and inundating rain while also endangering a large portion of SC.

Gradually, Friday through the weekend (local time), the massive storm - containing a zone of tropical-storm-force winds almost 643km wide - will drift inland, engulfing much of SC and southern North Carolina.

SC ordered the mandatory evacuation of one million coastal residents while North Carolina ordered an evacuation of the Outer Banks, barrier islands that are a popular tourist destination.

The result: catastrophic inland flooding that could swamp homes, businesses, farm fields and industrial sites.

"This is going to be a Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast' from Thursday into the weekend, Federal Emergency Management Agency associate administrator Jeff Byard said Wednesday morning".

Florence is joined by Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Helene in this snapshot taken Tuesday some 1 million miles away via NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) on the DSCOVR satellite. The forecast track has the storm moving slowly along the coast throughout Friday and into Saturday.

Workers prepare a house with storm shutters ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Florence in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, U.S. September 12, 2018. Sustained winds slowed slightly to 125 miles per hour Tuesday afternoon, making it a Cat 3 storm.

By the time the storm leaves the region, forecasters expect that it will have dumped 50 to 70 centimeters of rain in coastal areas, with some parts possibly being inundated with up to 100 centimeters.

Isaac became the fifth hurricane of the season late Sunday and was initially expected to strengthen, potentially becoming a Cat 2 storm with 100 miles per hour winds, as it crossed warm ocean waters.

"The time to prepare is nearly over", North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper told a morning news conference.

Masters said there's a tug-of-war between two clear-skies high-pressure systems - one off the coast and one over MI.

Brock, meanwhile, said the surges "are going to be a major problem way up into the streams and tributaries that come out of sound areas".

People on barrier islands or peninsulas were running out of time Wednesday to retreat by bridge or ferry.

The stalling of Florence has made forecasters anxious the hurricane could be worse than Hurricane Harvey that battered the USA previous year.

Some people, such as Jennie, are refusing to heed evacuation warnings.

On Instagram, parenting blogger Chrissy Marie, based in North Carolina, posted a photo of her kids' hurricane party, complete with bright pink balloons.

Anxious that such dire warnings were bad for business, coastal developers successfully lobbied North Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature to pass a law in 2012 requiring state scientists and regulators to consider the "full range" of other possible hypotheses, including those pushed by climate-change skeptics who claim sea levels might remain flat, or even fall.

Her friend Kate is refusing to evacuate as well because of "the idea of having to leave with my two cats and go somewhere for a week or more".

"You need to get out now", Hill told those who were staying behind.

About 10 million people are in the sights of the storm as it zeroes in on the Southeastern coast.

Though most residents of North and SC and other areas in the hurricane's path have abided by the mandatory evacuation order, Kourounis jokes that the Waffle House is still open. The governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia declared emergencies to help speed up government aid efforts.

The storm will be a test of President Donald Trump's administration less than two months before elections to determine control of Congress.

"We'll handle it. We're ready".

"Either no (hotel) rooms are available, or we are denied because the breed or size of dogs", she said.

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