Texas Board Of Education Votes To Remove Hillary Clinton From History Curriculum

Texas Board Of Education Votes To Remove Hillary Clinton From History Curriculum

Texas Board Of Education Votes To Remove Hillary Clinton From History Curriculum

The Texas Board of Education moves to take Hillary Clinton out of the history curriculum in the state's public schools.

Up until now, third-grade social studies teachers have been required to educate Texas students about Helen Keller, the subject of the play and film The Miracle Worker who was left blind and deaf by illness in early childhood yet learned to communicate and became the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

The board also made decisions to keep some references in the curriculum which had been recommended for removal by a working group tasked with streamlining the curriculum, such as a description of the "heroism" of people who defended the Alamo, according to The Dallas Morning News. A final vote will be in November. Teachers told the outlet that students have too many figures to learn about that it just turns the studies into memorizing.

The 15-member work group came up with a rubric for grading every historical figure to rank who is "essential" to learn and who isn't.

Hillary Clinton's fate could soon be finished in Texas schools as the school board is pushing to eliminate the former Democratic presidential nominee from their schools' history curriculum. Students are still required to learn about Bill Clinton.

The Dallas News reports that the criteria "asked questions like, "Did the person trigger a watershed change"; "Was the person from an underrepresented group"; and 'Will their impact stand the test of time?'"

As part of its assessment, each historical figure was given a numerical importance rating from 1 to 20 by committee members, according to the newspaper. They include local members of the Texas Legislature, Stephen F. Austin, Barbara Jordan, Sam Houston, and Henry B. Gonzalez.

In addition, the board voted to add Billy Graham - the famed evangelist who died earlier this year - back into the curriculum.

While Clinton, Keller and other figures were eliminated, that does not mean teachers in the state are prohibited from offering lessons about them.

Reinsert the biblical figure of Moses and remove Thomas Hobbes from section on "individuals whose principles of laws and government institutions informed the American founding". The board voted to keep references of "Judeo-Christian" values and their influence on American politics and history.

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