Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Willing to Testify, Lawyer Says

Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Willing to Testify, Lawyer Says

Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Willing to Testify, Lawyer Says

The sexual assault allegations that surfaced Wednesday against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh - who is accused of attempting to rape a California professor when both were in high school in Maryland - coupled with the so-called "year of the woman" in politics, are creating an eerily similar feel to the state of affairs 27 years ago.

While Democrats demanded a delay in a scheduled Thursday vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination to allow the FBI to investigate, Senate Republicans struggled with how to proceed.

With a name and disturbing details, the accusation raised the prospect of congressional Republicans defending President Donald Trump's nominee ahead of midterm elections featuring an unprecedented number of female candidates and informed in part by the #MeToo movement. Their fellow committee member Rhode Island Democratic Sen.

Mr Kavanaugh is strongly opposed by some Democrats for his views on issues such as abortion, and it seems unlikely any of them will cross the aisle to vote with their Republican colleagues.

"These are serious allegations that need to be looked at closely by the committee before any other action is taken", Blunt said.

Democrats, led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY, called for a delay in the vote, and two committee Republicans - all 11 on the GOP side are men - Sens.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican committee member, said he "would gladly" hear from Ford if she wanted to appear before the panel, but it would have to be done quickly.

Ford said she was able to escape Kavanaugh and his friend, whom she identified as Mark Judge.

Kavanaugh was seen Monday morning arriving at the White House, which has stood by the judge in the face of the accusations.

Ford, who has stepped out publicly as the woman who wrote a letter accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, graduated from Holton-Arms School in 1984, which would mean that she overlapped time periods with Kavanaugh by three years; he graduated from Georgetown Prep in 1983. Wilkinson has not returned calls from CNN seeking comment.

It is unclear if Trump Jr was aware at the time that Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California, would make her identity known the next day in the Washington Post.

Ford claims Kavanaugh drunkenly pushed her into a bedroom during a small party at a house in Montgomery County, Md., in 1982, when he was 17 and she was 15. Kavanaugh has categorically denied the incident occurred, so logically, both he and Ford can not both be telling the truth.

While Ford initially sought to keep her allegation confidential, she said she opted to go public once the allegation emerged in the public eye and reporters began pursuing her. Ford kept silent about the attempted assault until 2012, when she revealed the story to a therapist during couples counseling with her husband.

Ford's lawyer said that a lie detector test shows her story is true, despite the fact her client is a registered Democrat.

It comes as the US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Monday that the FBI should reopen its background investigation into President Donald Trump's pick for Supreme Court judge.

Nevertheless, we are working diligently to get to the bottom of these claims. Jeff Flake has said he is "uncomfortable moving forward with a yes vote until we hear from" Ford. Republicans can accede to as many hearings as Democrats demand, and it won't alter any of the liberal rhetoric or perceptions of partisans. Corker, however, does not sit on the panel.

Flake's concerns could have considerable influence.

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