Creepy Character From 'Atlanta' Appears In Crowd At Emmys

Creepy Character From 'Atlanta' Appears In Crowd At Emmys

Creepy Character From 'Atlanta' Appears In Crowd At Emmys

And, understandably, people watching the awards show flipped.

When Glover was shown in the crowd, Perkins was not around. Another tweeted out, "Why is nobody talking about the fact that Donald Glover (or someone) showed up to the #Emmys as Teddy Perkins from Atlanta?!".

Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, absolutely shined on the red carpet in a black sheer floral dress by Dior Haute.

It wasn't the only award for the HBO show either, it also won the coveted best drama award.

Ake's caption may have been a shout out about the shut out, so to speak, for Glover didn't even take home (as many believed he deserved) the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award. Hader had no idea who he shook hands with. The episode, which was directed by Hiro Murai and had aired in April 2018, has been praised as one of the most innovative episodes of the FX series. Perkins is a reclusive pop star alongside his brother, Benny Hope, and is "a character bluntly based on Michael Jackson".

"I'm sure you've heard that before from actors but in this case I was far from home; I live in NY and we shot the show in Europe, so many times I had to stay there and couldn't go home on the weekends and really developed deep roots in the community of Ireland and some of the other countries we shot in", he added. "Because I had never heard of the guy before", he shared.

'I love you and I share this with you because you're an unbelievable handsome brother. "The way Darius felt was quite similar to the way I felt - uncomfortable throughout the duration of shooting it".

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards were presented on Monday night, and it would appear that one of the nominees went so far as to carry his performance into the awards ceremony itself: Someone appeared at the Emmys dressed as Teddy Perkins, Donald Glover's unforgettably freaky character from Atlanta's season two episode of the same name.

Perkins congratulated Bill Hader, who won the Emmy for best actor in a television comedy over Glover - who was last year's victor.

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