Keep nasty flu bug at bay, get vaccinated!

Keep nasty flu bug at bay, get vaccinated!

Keep nasty flu bug at bay, get vaccinated!

An Emirates aircraft landed at the airport carrying several passengers and crew members who had flu-like symptoms, according to The Associated Press. On a similar note, among the 27 percent of parents of children under 18 whose child did not get the flu vaccine last year, 26 percent say they are more likely to get their child vaccinated this year after learning about the notably high flu levels during last year's flu season. Given that last year's flu season was so bad, public health officials are recommending that everyone get a version of the flu vaccine this year.

Despite this conflicting advice, Public Health Solutions in Crete says some immunization is better than none, and predicting the timing of the flu is hard.

The CDC recommends that all seniors, 65 or older, get two vaccinations - Prevnar 13 and Pneumovax 23. The Chicago Tribune reports that the nasal version of the flu vaccine hasn't been super effective at warding of a specific flu strain - H1N1 - for the past few seasons, but it's expected to work better this year.

The state says October 1 is this year's #TexasFluDay - a day meant to educate the public about the flu and encourage Texans to get their flu shot.

For those who get sick, she said, the vaccine has been shown to lower the risk of death by 80 percent and hospitalization by 70 percent. The CDC encourages everyone to get a flu vaccination, especially young children, older adults, pregnant women, children and adults with chronic diseases.

Health officials are already urging people to prepare for what could be another nasty flu season.

But not having enough time isn't a good one in Glynn County anymore. The vaccine is also available from doctors offices and pharmacies.

In addition to the quadrivalent flu vaccine, the health department will soon be offering the high-dose flu vaccine for $70 per dose. That's why it's better to get vaccinated in September or early October before the flu season really kicks in. "Should you become infected your case of the flu will be milder because you had a flu shot".

The age recommendation for Fluarix Equivalent, which uses mammalian culture rather than chicken embryos, was changed from 3 years old and older to 6 months and older.

Sometimes, some individuals simply aren't protected from the virus despite getting vaccinated.

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