ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie ejected - Strategy

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie ejected - Strategy

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie ejected - Strategy

Morrison said it wasn't his place to comment on the efficacy of Guthrie as managing director, again pointing to the board as the folks in charge of that call.

Guthrie is considering her legal options.

An ABC broadcaster has lashed out at his former boss just hours after she was sacked halfway through her five-year term.

David Anderson, a 30-year veteran of the ABC, will be acting managing director while a formal search process involving internal and external candidates begins.

Guthrie highlighted that the commercialisation of the ABC would put greater pressures on the other major networks, labelling a privatised ABC as an "advertising behemoth", adding that it was a poor stance to take by the Liberal government.

Milne and Guthrie reportedly had a frosty relationship, clashing over how to deal with a hostile government in Canberra.

Despite offering praise for some of Ms Guthrie's work, Mr Milne said her "leadership style" was a factor in the board's decision.

ABC Managing Directors are appointed by the Board of Directors.

"As the first female managing director of the ABC, I felt a tremendous responsibility and unique privilege to lead Australia's most important cultural institution".

"We appreciate that a change in leadership creates uncertainty, however, we are firmly of the view that this decision is in the best interests of the organisation", Mr Milne's email said. She has copped criticism for her employment history with News Corp and a perception she did not defend the ABC enough from opponents of the public broadcaster; and also came under fire for repeated controversial on-air episodes which upset members of the conservative Coalition government.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said Guthrie's departure was independent from the government, and her replacement would also be independently chosen.

One ABC executive said the relationship between the pair was known to be "frosty".

"The board has given long and detailed consideration to this serious matter".

Faine had been an outspoken critic of Ms Guthrie - who became managing director in May 2016 - during her tenure.

Guthrie escalated her rhetoric from there, acknowledging that her contract included a clause permitting the board to oust her "without cause and with immediate effect", but claimed there was no clear reason for them to do so. The Federal Budget this year froze the ABC's funding CPI indexation, resulting in a $83.7 million hole over the three years from July next year.

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