Teen suspected in Rihanna, Robert Woods and Christina Milian burglaries

Teen suspected in Rihanna, Robert Woods and Christina Milian burglaries

Teen suspected in Rihanna, Robert Woods and Christina Milian burglaries

Homes targeted include those belonging to Rihanna, Christina Milian, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig and Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, according to police.

For example, Woods had his Woodlands Hills home burglarized Thursday while he was playing the Minnesota Vikings at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Besides Williams, Damaji Corey Hall, 18, and Jshawne Lamon Daniels, 19, were apprehended after leaving Woods' house Friday evening on suspicion of burglary, Carranza said.

After determining that Williams was a suspect in the Woods burglary and making an arrest about 11:30 p.m., a search of his vehicle yielded several items alleged to have been taken from the homes of Puig, and actress-singers Rihanna and Milian, according to the source.

The victims were reportedly chosen based on social media posts and travel schedules that revealed they would be away from their homes.

The Los Angeles Police Department seized $50,000 (£39,000) in cash just last weekend and say the burglary ring may have been responsible for more than 20 burglaries. "The burglars believed no one would be home and that the homes would contain sought-after valuables that they might be interested in", she added.

The thieves, believed to be gang members and their associates, called their operation "flocking" because "they flocked like birds to areas where the rich and famous were sited", Carranza said.

Williams is expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

Carranza said that in one targeted home, police found a list of other potential suspects' names and addresses, including Matt Damon, LeBron James and Viola Davis.

They were often out before the alarm company could notify police, said Ms Carranza.

Puig has been the victim of four burglaries, including two at his Encino, Calif., home last month. Hall's mother, Ashle Hall, 34 was also arrested two days later.

The other three people arrested were not immediately charged pending further investigation.

In 2017, Grammy Award-winning singer Alanis Morissette's Brentwood mansion was broken into and $2 million in jewelry was taken, the L.A. Times reported.

There has been a rash of celebrity home burglaries in Los Angeles and nearby areas in the past two years.

The NBA's Nick Young lost around $500,000 in jewellery and $384,000 in other items during a burglary at his home in Tarzana, LA.

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