Jurgen Klopp says Man City are 'biggest force in football'

Jurgen Klopp says Man City are 'biggest force in football'

Jurgen Klopp says Man City are 'biggest force in football'

I don't play against the manager, we play against Liverpool. "He's training with us, yeah".

When shown a video from the City documentary when Guardiola fretted about facing Liverpool's front three ahead of last season's Champions League meeting, Klopp shrugged it off.

This comes after Liverpool failed to register a shot on target against Napoli for the first time in about 6 years and team-mate Georginio Wijnaldum stating that this was a reality-check so it will be interesting to see which Liverpool turns up at Anfield this weekend. "I don't think anyone would deny that considering what they did last season." . There are a lot of games to play'.

"We have to defend when they are better, we have to defend but not in the mentally approach - first because it's boring, secondly because we didn't build the team in that way, to propose to be active, to be ourselves, and always what I want from my teams in these kind of games".

They finished 25 points behind City in the league but the signs are it will be a much closer battle this season, with each team having only dropped two points from a possible 21.

"I said it a few times and I can say it again, I really think the most important thing for football - the most important job of football - is entertaining the people", Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said on Friday.

Klopp has been described as Pep Guardiola's nemesis but the German insisted there is no magic formula to beating City.

"They are really good". "So we won the Premier League. They are a top side and reached the Champions League final". After none of these games you go into the dressing room and think, "Now we've got it, now we know how to beat Manchester City", because there is no real way, no one thing that you have to do.

"Liverpool is one of two greatest teams in England". "They are a top side".

Whilst both Jurgen Klopp's and Pep Guardiola's sides are known for attacking flair, they have each only conceded three goals in the league this season.

City have taken extra security measures, fitting cameras to the coach, while some travelling fans are considering lining the route to the stadium to protect the coach.

"It is not that when I faced teams of Pep Guardiola I had a team of names that nobody knew and I had only met them the day before".

"Why should the police need to be there?"

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