Apple buys music analytics company Asaii: Axios

For example, Sony Theakanath and Austin Chen, the founders of Asaii, now list Apple as their employer and specifically mention Apple Music.

The platforms allows artists, labels and managers to "discover, track, and manage talent using machine learning" and is based in San Francisco. On their website, Asaii boasts: "No more manual grunt work".

It was Axios the first to report the news, saying that Apple paid less than a $100 million for the service, according to sources familiar with the deal.

Apple and Asaii were not immediately available for comment outside regular business hours. It will nearly certainly use it to improve content recommendations to users of Apple Music.

This is not the only music-related acquisition Apple has completed recently.

It allows users to compare daily, weekly and total playcounts of tracks across multiple artists.

Apple has not yet issued their boilerplate acquisition confirmation at the time of this writing, but we've reached out to them for verification.

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