Cologne police: Hostage incident at train station

Cologne police: Hostage incident at train station

Cologne police: Hostage incident at train station

A man has suffered life-threatening injuries after holding a woman hostage in the German city of Cologne.

A man on Monday took a woman hostage at a pharmacy in Cologne's central railway station.

There are unconfirmed reports that some shots were fired.

Police refused to speculate whether the incident was terror related, said DW's David Martin.

Authorities ordered an evacuation of the station, which is a main hub for rail traffic across Germany and western Europe.

Police said they could not yet positively identify the hostage taker, who was undergoing surgery, but believed he was a 55-year-old Syrian migrant.

Police have cordoned off the entire area while Deutsche Bahn, Germany's largest railway company, has partially suspended trains passing by the Cologne station.

German special Police walks near the main train station in Cologne, Germany, October 15, 2018, after the train station was closed after hostage-taking. DW's Dana Regev reported that two shots had been fired inside the station.

Police released a statement a couple hours later saying a single suspect had been taken into custody.

The attacker had to be resuscitated and was in intensive care for "extremely serious" injuries sustained when officers stormed the shop, they added.

Police negotiated with him in a bid to defuse the tense situation and ascertain his motive, then stormed the pharmacy around 3:00 pm (1300 GMT).

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